Species List

This list of species from agrona is not comprehensive but gives a sample of what it has to offer.

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Ruby floppers are small boneless creatures that feed on bacterial colonies that form on the surface of worm trees. Their primary habitat is the red jungle and they have derived predator avoidance behaviors.

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The Common Worm Trees are of the phylum aerocardia but are in the class hemophyta due to the symbiosis of sanguinoids to generate more energy off of a rich diet of sulfur compounds. They have a large triangular membrane funnel opening at their pharyngeal anterior that aids in the collection of sulfur compounds precipitating in rainwater that is funneled down into their bodies.

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Crubawl are solitary predators, limiting interactions to fights over carcasses and mating. Carrier Crubawls are very protective of young spawns and will carry them in her jaws to safety when storms are near. During flooding or when crossing rivers, crubawls are able to stay submerged for 8 hours if need be before they need to breathe fresh air.

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The chubeast is a very social animal that roams in groups called spurs, ranging from 50 or more individuals that inhabit some of the blood jelly plains and migrate to new feeding areas as the season changes. They gesture to one another with movements of their sail, moving it back and forth to send signals to the rest of the spur about danger or obstacles ahead.

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